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Crystal Sun Academy

Crystal Healing Classes - Crystal Healing Sessions
Gem Essence Apthecaery 
By appointment in Sedona, Arizona.

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About Crystal Sun Academy

​Crystal Sun Academy brings you in-depth Crystal Healing classes and courses. Join us to work & play with the healing potential of Crystals and Gemstones. Immersive hands-on experiences include co-creating Crystal Grids for personal and planetary healing, meditation with crystals and gemstones for consciousness expansion, exploring how to work with Gem Essences, and a deep dive with the energy of hundreds of verities of Stones. Beginner to advanced classes for crystal lovers to healing arts practitioners. We also offer Crystal Healing Sessions utilizing Crystal Grids, Gem Essences, and Crystal Bowls. Individualized Gemstone experiences for spiritual expansion, vibrational health, and energetic well-being. We are located in Sedona, Arizona.

About Leo McFee

Leo McFee has been working with the healing qualities of Gemstones for Over 25 years. He is the founder of Crystal Sun Academy, a Crystal Healing School  “Exploring the Wisdom of Nature through the Mineral Kingdom" which opened in Asheville, North Carolina in 2010, now located in Sedona, Arizona. His philosophy is that "the crystals are the curriculum" and that vibrational healing is the medicine of the 21st century. He is also the creator of Crystal Sun Essences, an Apothecary of over 200 handcrafted Gem Essences, which are liquid high-vibration Elixirs for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical self-care.

Crystal Healing Grid
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"Exploring the Wisdom of Nature Through
The Mineral Kingdom"



Crystal Healing Sessions

We offer in person Crystal Healing Sessions utilizing Crystal Grids, Gem Essences, Light and Color through Crystals. 

 Crystal Healing

Learn to work/play with the healing potential of the Mineral Kingdom. Hands-on, experiential classes.

Gem Essences

Crystal Elixirs for vibrational healing, overall well-being, and self-care. Over 150 Crystal, Gem, and Mineral Essences are available..

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Sedona, Arizona.


USA 928 200 3477




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